The BLOKS. remote 14d is a bike display and control unit in one. The curved monochrome display nestles tightly against the handlebars. In bright sunshine, the display has strong contrast and is perfectly legible in any light situation.

remote <h2>Formed for extreme conditions</h2>

BLOKS. remote 14d

Formed for extreme conditions

The BLOKS. engineers have adapted a strong outdoor design to the minimalist bike computer. The fiber-reinforced plastic housing can upset nothing in the area. Even in bad weather conditions, the BLOKS. remote 14d indicates without compromising. The touch sensor can be operated quite simply with one finger both in rain and when wearing gloves.

Always everything at a glance

The robust design of the housing is persuasive and the large 1.4” display indicates all important rider information in a very small space: Speed, battery charging state and current motor support level. The keys integrated into the side control bike activation, lights and pushing aid.




cm in size


grams in weight

“The minimalist e-bike computer is a small but superb alternative to the conventional display for e-mountain bikes. Despite the small size, the writing is very legible from any angle. It contains all the important information for e-mountain bikers.”

Eurobike award - Jury statement

BLOKS. remote colors

BLOKS. remote 14

Intuitive control unit

The BLOKS. remote 14 is a pure control unit without a digital display. The rider controls the BLOKS. display via the capacitive touch sensor. In this way, he maintains everything in sight, with his hands always safely on the handlebars.

remote <h2>Intuitive control unit</h2>
Technical details


BLOKS. remote 14d
BLOKS. remote 14d
BLOKS. remote 14
BLOKS. remote 14
Capacitive touch sensor BLOKS. remote 14
Integrated buttons for pushing aid, light and bike activation, mechanical rocker switch for direct drive unit control BLOKS. remote 14d BLOKS. remote 14
Connection to BLOKS. central and BLOKS. display BLOKS. remote 14d BLOKS. remote 14
Material: fiber-reinforced plastic housing BLOKS. remote 14d KBLOKS. remote 14
Transflective monochrome display for maximum contrast BLOKS. remote 14d
Weight 42 g 38 g
Available from Q1/2017 Q1/2017


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