The BLOKS. display unites the latest smartphone technology with a design made for outdoor use. The especially slim BLOKS. display lets you immediately move your smartphone to a far safer spot than the handlebars.

display <h2>Unlimited possibilities</h2>

BLOKS. display

Unlimited possibilities

The BLOKS. bike computer is available in two different sizes: in a compact 2 inches, and in a tidy 3.5 inches. All alternatives offer high-contrast TFT display made from hardened, non-reflective Dragontrail glass. The touch sensor is weatherproof and can even be operated with gloves.

BLOKS. display 35c

Android for your bike

For the first time, BLOKS. is bringing the world's leading smartphone operating system, AndroidTM, to a bike. Whether it’s their favorite fitness or navigation app, the rider can now decide what to run on their bike computer.

display <h2>Safe riding</h3>

BLOKS. display

Safe riding

Making settings directly on your display is great – but dangerous when riding your bike. Rider safety is our most important concern. Therefore, the touch sensor on the BLOKS. display is disabled while riding. Via the BLOKS. remote set button, the rider can control active apps and toggle between displays, such as riding information or navigation.


Your brand. Your style.

You can choose the BLOKS. display that suits your bike – in BLOKS. design or in a customized casing. BLOKS. displays can be integrated into the stem or mounted traditionally on the handlebars. We give you access to the display interface (API). Use this opportunity and transfer your design style to the bike’s cockpit.

BLOKS. display
Technical details


BLOKS. display 20
BLOKS. display 20
BLOKS. display 20c
BLOKS. display 20c
BLOKS. display 35c
BLOKS. display 35c
Lens: Hardened, non-reflective Dragontrail glass Linse Linse Linse
Monochrome LCD Farb-TFT
Color TFT Farb-TFT Farb-TFT
IP67-compliant IP67-konform IP67-konform IP67-konform
Theft-protected: bolted, removable Diebstahlgeschützt Diebstahlgeschützt Diebstahlgeschützt
Capacitive touch sensor technology Touch Sensor-Technologie Touch Sensor-Technologie
High resolution, high contrast display technology Display-Technologie Display-Technologie Display-Technologie
Complete housing design flexibility Gehäusedesign Gehäusedesign Gehäusedesign
Bike-specific Android Bike-spezifisches Android
Compatible with BLOKS. remote 14 Kompatibel Kompatibel Kompatibel
Weight 87 g 87 g 102 g
Dimensions (mm) 65x48x17. 65x48x17. 97x61x17.


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