BLOKS. central takes over interaction and communication with the rider. The module has already been certified – it is a bike console with extensive connectivity features.

central <h2>High-tech in the smallest possible space</h2>

High-tech in the smallest possible space

In a very small space, BLOKS. central combines a powerful application processor, a lithium-ion battery pack, and a penta-band antenna developed specially for the bike. We have assembled the most powerful electronic components in order to run the BLOKS. operating system on them. The BLOKS. central is available in a basic and three expanded versions.

Connectivity – direct access to your riding information via the BLOKS. app

  • Trip archive with journey data for each trip
  • Additional battery information, including charge level, remaining range and recharge time
  • Individual adjustment of the support level
Technical details


BLOKS. central
BLOKS. central
CPU A7 quad core
Software BLOKS. operating system, bike-specific Android 5.0
Connectivity Connectivity Control via the app
Interfaces USB, microSD, nano-SIM
Sensor systems GPS, 3D sensor, pressure and temperature probes
Battery Integrated lithium-ion battery pack (400mAh)
Weight 47 g
Dimensions 41x57x8 mm
Available from Q1/2017


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