BLOKS. redefines
system integration.

With electrification of the bike, automobile suppliers have also discovered the two-wheel market for themselves and are penetrating the bike market with automobile technologies. BLOKS. is adapting these technologies and incorporating them to be compatible with the industry.

What does this mean for bike manufacturers? The BLOKS. architecture is based on an intelligent wiring loom which interconnects all electronic components built into the bike. The BLOKS. node is a multilingual interpreter which translates different protocols (e.g. CAN, LIN, UART) into the BLOKS. bus and thus provides communication between the connected components.


BLOKS. node

In-vehicle networking

BLOKS. node is the counterpart to the central control unit in the automobile industry. It connects motor and battery package, as well as electrical bike components such as sensors, lamps, gear shift and lock. Choose the most sensible components for your bike type and specify the bike exactly as you need it.

Modularity provides flexibility at the point of sale

However, the modular architecture by BLOKS. opens up not only opportunities when designing new bikes, but also sets standards in the trade. The driver himself decides when buying which control elements are to accompany his bike: for example the BLOKS. display 20 or the compact BLOKS. remote 14d. This can generate unlimited potential sales, which formerly were reserved for the manufacturers of aftermarket products.

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