Our goal: Creative freedom to develop new bikes

Electrical mobility will be determined not by electric automobiles, but by two-wheeled light electrical vehicles. In 2015, only 12,363 electrically operated private cars were licensed in Germany, whereas more than 535,000 E-bikes were sold during the same period. At the same time, in 2015 every eighth new bicycle sold in Germany was a pedelec or e-bike. In 2014, more e-bikes were sold than mountain bikes for the first time.

E-bikes will now make their mark on our roads every bit as permanently as the mountain bike did 20 years ago. And, at that time, nobody believed that mountain bikes might be sold mainly in cities.

The bicycle and its electric relatives are now being reinvented. The principles that we are creating today will impact the driver experience for this category of vehicle. Bicycles, e-bikes and e-scooters will also become increasingly complex. More electronic components will be incorporated, the interaction with the driver will increase in importance and the need for system integration will increase exponentially.

We are connecting the automobile world of the component manufacturers with an industry whose product life cycles are aligned instead with those of the entertainment industry. We are developing and producing components which are reducing this complexity and instead pack industry compatibility. We are partners of the vehicle and component manufacturers.

Daniel Meermann

About BLOKS.

The idea for BLOKS. was initially born in 2013, before Daniel Meermann co-founded the company along with Maximilian Thiel in 2014. The head office is in the north of Munich. Here, in the “Isar valley,” lies the heart of BLOKS. product management and software development. In this location, we have brought together many years of experience from the automotive, wearables and bike sectors. Marketing, sales, and service are controlled globally from Munich. The Munich team works in a close partnership with an international network of experts.

At our Hong Kong office, the industrialization of BLOKS. components is the top priority. Our proximity to the production site in Shenzhen, the “workbench of the world,” guarantees us availability of the newest components, full control over our supply chain and the quality of our components.


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